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Carnatic Music
Beginner Level

This course starts from fixing the pitch of a student and makes the student to understand the swara sthanas of the raga Maya malava gaulai. Apart from this, short songs of devotional and patriotic nature are taught to the students.

Carnatic Music
Intermediate Level

Introduction of the musical form varnam therefore enhancing the voice culture and teaching the subtle nuances of raga handling. Learns to sing Kritis of simple nature.

Carnatic Music
Pre-Advance Level

After completing the foundation and the intermediate course, the student will be able to sing about 15 varnams and 30 kritis besides certain other musical forms like the jawali and tillana.

Carnatic Music
Advance Level

By the end of the three courses, the student will be able to sing about 21 varnams, 54 kritis and other musical forms like the padams, ragamalika, etc.The student is now ready to sing or handle any type of complex issues in carnatic music.

Online Music Courses by Go4Guru

Carnatic Music Curriculum

Carnatic Vocal

As one commences learning carnatic music, the growth curve includes the following stages: Abhyaasa gaanam (Varisais, Alankarams), Geethams, Varnams, Krithis, Manodharma sangeetham and finally Ragam Thanam Pallavi. Learning theory happens side by side along with the various stages or the levels.
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Carnatic Instrumental 1

Veena, Violin, Fluet etc.,

The learners of Carnatic Instruments, are highly adviced to undergo Carnatic Vocal beforehand, for at least a year particularly for Violin and Veena which are the instruments extensively used in Carnatic music.
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Carnatic Instrumental 2

Mridangam, Tambura etc.,

Carnatic music is usually performed by a small ensemble of musicians, consisting of a principal performer - usually a vocalist, a melodic accompaniment - usually a violin, a rhythm accompaniment - usually a mridangam, and a tambura, which acts as a drone throughout the performance.
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I am taking online shlokam classes for Go4Guru for some time now. Very happy with my online class and very pleased with my teacher ms Padma.

New Jersey, USA

My daughter and I learn Carnatic Music with Mrs. Padma. She is a very talented teacher and has indepth knowledge of music. She understands her students and teaches accordingly. My daughter likes her personality and the way Mrs. Padma explains the theoretical part as well. We are also pleased with the class coordinators in arranging the makeup classes, quick reply and sending links promptly.

Thank you Go4Guru!
Salt Lake City
Utah, USA

Started in the year 2011 and Till now the online classical singing class is going good for my daughter Isha Jothi.

Thank you Go4Guru!
Devi Prabhaharan
Texas, USA

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Carnatic Music - Brief History

The origin of carnatic music dates back to the 13th century A.D. with a book named Sangeetha Rathnakara written by Saranga Deva. It was spread and popularized with significant contributions by composers like Purandaradaasar (15th century A.D.) and the trinity of carnatic music Sri Thyagarajar, Sri Muthuswami Dikshithar and Sri Shyama Shasthry (18th century A.D.) who were contemporaries. Their compositions are filled with devotion and are unique in their own way. They have a universal appeal across all sections of connoisseurs of classical music, language being no barrier.

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Carnatic Music
General Question & Answers

Dr. Jyothsna Lakshmi, Head, Carnatic Music.

Online Carnatic Music - How It Works?

It is a simple process and easy to use. It has been designed in such a way that it helps both the student and the teacher to start the class with a minimum wastage of time. All that is required is: A computer with a broad-band connection and a headset with a mike. For certain classes, a Web-cam is a must i.e., classes like learning a musical instrument.

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